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About Us
Relationship, Not Religion
We are a fellowship of believers who feel that faith is something that should be practiced and lived out in our daily lives. We place the highest importance on building a deeper personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  This relationship does not come from simply showing up for a weekly church service.  We believe that our Lord expects us to be ever-growing, always moving from glory to glory.  This can be achieved only by faithfully and diligently seeking Him through personal worsip and prayer,  and immersing ourselves in His Word.
We believe that regular fellowship and corporate worship is essential in the life of all believers.
We believe in listening to and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, not the traditions and rituals of man. 

Our Statment of Belief
Pastor Don Kremmer

  1. God is (1) Self-sustaining; (2) Absolutely sovereign; (3) Omniscient; (4) Omnipresent; (5) Omnipotent; (6) Unique in a           Triune Personage; (7) Without Beginning or end; (8) Express creator of all things; and (9) Unchangeable. No part of             creation, therefore, possesses any virtue of God; all nine virtues of God belong expressly to Him. Further, His Triune         Nature is evident within Scripture, but His Triune nature cannot be explained (Isaiah 48:18; 46:5, 9). He stands unique       in contrast to all creation.

  2. The Bible is God’s written word penned by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is without error regarding          God’s truth. The Christian orthodox Bible contains 66 books written by 40 different authors.

  3. The Father is the First Person of the Trinity of God; He may be worshiped and revered as God.

  4. The Son is the Second Person of the Trinity of God; He may be worshiped and revered as God.

  5. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity of God; He may be worshiped and revered as God.

  6. Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Trinity of God and He may be worshiped and revered as God. He is the                Creator of all that exists (John 1:1-3). All the virtues of God belong unto Jesus Christ, who is the unique God the Son.          He put on the limitations of humanity as the Son of Man, was born of a virgin named, Mary. In the purpose of His              work as the Son of Man, He was made in all points like a man (Phil 2:5-8), was crucified on the cross, died, rose from          the dead, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. He now exists in a glorified state with the glory He had as        God before He put on the limitations as the Son of Man.

  7. Water Baptism is a command of Jesus Christ which testifies of being buried with Christ in death and being                         resurrected with Jesus in life. Water Baptism does not of itself guarantee salvation. Any person can be saved in Christ       before being water baptized.

  8. Holy Spirit Baptism is a separate and distinct event given by the Holy Spirit which is separate and distinct from the         initial infilling of the Holy Spirit which occurs at the moment one accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  9. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are nine in number which includes (1) three revelation gifts: discerning of spirits, word of       knowledge, and the word of wisdom; (2) three power gifts: faith, healings, and miracles, and (3) three utterance gifts:         prophecy, unknown tongues, and the interpretation of unknown tongues. All gifts of the Holy Spirit are relevant for           the church today and will remain so until the end of the church age.

  10. The Five-fold Ministry Offices are relevant for the church today and will remain so until the return of Jesus Christ.            They are the offices of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. The office of the Apostle today does                not set new foundation for the church, but builds upon the foundation set by Jesus Christ, the original Apostles                 (except Judas Iscariot), and the Apostle Paul.

  11. Heaven is a literal location and the place of God’s throne. All persons who die in Jesus Christ are taken into Heaven.
  12. Hell is a literal location, the place for all wicked human spirits. It is a temporary holding of wicked souls who have             rejected Jesus Christ until the time of the White Throne Judgment which occurs at the end of the Millennium.

  13. The Lake of Fire is a literal location in which all wicked spirits, including human spirits who have rejected Jesus                 Christ, will be eternally condemned. At the time of the White throne Judgment, the souls of mankind held in Hell will         be brought before the White Throne Judgment, judged, and then cast into the Lake of Fire.

  14. Holy Angels are created beings endowed with supernatural abilities as given by God. They are sinless and serve               God to do His bidding. Some are assigned as ministering servants who watch over God’s children—those who have           accepted Jesus Christ.

  15. Fallen Angels are created beings who followed in the rebellion of Satan by rejecting God. They have no opportunity         for salvation and will be ultimately banished to the Lake of Fire at the White Throne Judgment.
  16. Demons are disembodied spirits, which, unlike fallen angels, cannot transform themselves into a tangible form                 (Gen 6:1-4 and Jude 1:6), but seek to inhabit a body for expression whether such body is a human or an animal.

  17. The Three Unforgivable Sins are Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, willingly receiving the Mark of the Beast, and the Sin         unto Death (Hebrews 6:4-6 and I John 5:16-17). Further, no one can accidentally or unintentionally commit an                     unforgivable sin. Such classification of sin can only be committed in the full knowledge and understanding of the sin         with a deliberate and heedless disregard of God and His truth.

  18. The Sin Nature is imputed unto every person through the fallen nature of Adam who first sinned among mankind.           Only Jesus Christ can remove a person from the fallen lineage of Adam and transfer him or her into Jesus Christ,                 thereby giving each person who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus for salvation, eternal life with Him (Rom 5:8-10;           6:1-11).

  19. Marriage is a union between a natural born male and a natural born female. Surgically altered genders are not                 natural born gendered individuals. Such individuals cannot righteously enter into holy matrimony based upon                   intentional gender alteration. Nor is marriage considered as holy matrimony between two members of the same               sex.

  20. Age of Accountability differs from one individual to another and can only be accurately judged by God. Babies, and         any individual who cannot exercise a moral conscience, are not considered to be of the age of accountability, and               therefore they are considered innocent of deliberate moral failure. Consequently, they stand in God’s grace for                   eternal salvation (2 Sam 12:20-23)

  21. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is an event that occurs at the time of the Rapture of the Church, and occurs                before the wrath of God is poured out upon the earth unto all wicked souls of mankind.

  22. Salvation is a gift given by grace through God’s mercy which is attained exclusively through the death, burial, and              resurrection of Jesus Christ. Salvation cannot be granted by works, but comes through faith in Christ as God reveals          the truth to those who need salvation.